Report Category Description Action Frequency Run Documentation
Holds awaiting pickup Holds Holds that are 'Waiting' at your library. Use to remove unwanted holds. Be sure to check the item in again after you cancel the hold. Daily Run
Items awaiting pickup AT other libraries Holds Your items waiting at other libraries. Track down items that have exceeded the 7-day waiting period. Check your library for these items before contacting the borrowing library. Daily Run
Orphaned holds Holds Holds where items are no longer available. Remove the hold and look elsewhere for the item. Weekly Run
Old holds Holds Finds older holds that may need attention. Delete any unfillable holds and follow-up with patron; pursue items elsewhere if needed. Monthly Run
Transfers to receive Transfers Items on their way to your library that have not arrived yet. Investigate items that are taking longer than expected to arrive. Weekly Run
Transfers FROM your library Transfers Items departing your library that have not yet arrived at their destination. Check that the items on this report are truly in transit and not somewhere in your library. Monthly Run
Items 'Available' at the wrong library Transfers Items with the incorrect holding location that have fallen out of transit. Search for these items. If found, check in. For items that are 'lost and paid for', the cataloging may need adjusted. Monthly Run
Long overdues FROM other libraries Overdues Items owned by other libraries, long overdue to your patrons. Try to recover the item from the patron. Consider charging the patron for the item and reimbursing the lending library. Monthly Run
Long overdues AT other libraries Overdues Your items, long overdue to patrons at other libraries. Communicate with borrowing library. Request reimbursement if necessary. Monthly Run
Lost items AT other libraries Statuses Your items with lost statuses that appear to be at other libraries. Check to see if the item is at your library. If not, follow-up with other involved parties. Monthly Run
Lost items filtered by Lost status Statuses General Lost report. Review items in each lost status, search for items, check in if found. Monthly Run
Items with In Processing status Statuses Items that have had an In processing status for over 3 weeks. Locate these items and check them in to remove the status. Monthly Run